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So many people struggle to follow their dreams and "work" for an organization that fuels their spirit. The same was true for Joe - a US Army Combat Veteran who just couldn't be satisfied with the status quo. Lying awake one night, he restlessly pondered something that had crossed his mind thousands of times... "What should I be doing with my life now that I've served my country?"

After 9 years in the military and 7 years in the corporate environment, he had developed a unique set of skills that set him apart from the average civilian. He also realized that there must be a formula for success after military service that he could share with other warriors.

That night, Joe decided to develop Service Way of Life Industries LLC, so that he could help others like him to succeed in creating their own businesses and/or leading others in all types of organizations. But, how was a modestly paid, overworked person supposed to start such an organization?

By early morning, the idea had come - develop an apparel line that would attract military veterans and first responders, build brand recognition and capital to fund the endeavor, and use those funds to offer an educational program that develops people and businesses adjacently.

Since January 2015, we have been doing just that!

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